About Us

19th was the century when one mysterious family prospered from their local business in crafting unique jewelry. These were the years before the second world war and it happened so that hundreds of people were standing in queues to get some little piece of jewelry to gift their sons and brothers as a symbol of vitality and success to make sure that they are going to come home safe.

I used to hear this story from my grandmother when I was only a kid. My university graduation day, I got a little antique box with a small golden pin in it. It turned out that it belonged to my grand grandfather.

Every time I wear this pin, the feeling of uniqueness and belonging overwhelms me unconsciously.

It got me some years until I realized that I want to create the same sense for others.

This is how the Makersons were born.

Makersons stands as a symbol of belonging and appreciation that you can share with your loved ones. It will create the fulfillment of your personality and the unique desire to be self-confident and lead the way for others.

Our items are crafted to ensure an upscale quality. Therefore, they are perfectly shaped with a matter of natural materials and long-lasting metals.
They do possess an intriguing matrix and modern textures.

This will make you look vibrant, alluring and enviable without any effort.
It’s definitely the statement of the season that you don’t even need to match with your clothes, it looks damn good itself!